26 octobre 2007


21 octobre 2007

Worn magazine issue 5 celebration

Worn magazine was celebrating their issue 5 at Main Hall here in Montréal last nite.They were very nice to ask us to provide them with pictures for the street style back cover for the issue.There were lots of groovy,fun,cool people there in amazing outfits and mtl street was there to capture it all.

17 octobre 2007

03 octobre 2007

Cegep Marie-Victorin

We really enjoy his printed expo 67 inspired tee by local Montreal designer Dubuc.

01 octobre 2007

Street Clash - Round 3

YEAH! Montréal won round three of streetclash!
Thank you all for voting!
DAY ONE - Montréal WINS!
DAY TWO - Montréal WINS!
DAY THREE - Montréal LOSES! :(
DAY FOUR - Montréal WINS!
STREET CLASH is an international street style competiton where different cities compete to crown the most stylish city.
  • Round 1: MTL STREET is part of the 24 international streetstyle blogs to make it into STREET CLASH
  • Round 2: MTL STREET is up against LONDON, UK and WINS!
  • Round 3: MTL STREET is up against PERTH, Australia and WINS!

La chatte Bottée - Vintage Shoe Parties!

MTL STREET LOVES LA CHATTE BOTTÉE VINTAGE SHOE PARTIES Nika: Dress: Boutique Lustre// Shoes: La Chatte Bottée. Carole: Dress & belt: Village des Valeurs// Scarf: Volcom// Boots: La Chatte Bottée.
Nika and Carole, La Chatte Bottée Vintage Shoe owners

Website: myspace.com/lachattebottee

La Chatte Bottée, c'est quoi?

Nika and Carole invite all ladies, once every month, to have a look at their carefully chosen collection of vintage shoes, with drinks and more - a must. Born out of a need for fabulous vintage shoes and a certain disdain for cookie-cutter styles offered by major retailers, best friends Nika and Carole created La Chatte Bottée, a business dedicated to offering unique vintage shoes and boots from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Armed with spot-on taste for trends, the ladies scoured the earth and hand picked the perfect mix of styles to suit any discerning girls taste.

Où et comment on peut vous trouver?

La Chatte Bottée offers their discerning customers the opportunity to shop in the relaxed atmosphere of a shopping party. Each month La Chatte Bottée sets up boutique in a different Montreal location, offering up drinks and nibbles to their customers. There are no rules and boys are allowed, as long as they bring a lady-friend! Drop a line at lachattebottée@gmail.com to know when and where the party is happening.

Where the Chattes Bottées' shop?

Preloved, Boutique Lustre, Village des Valeurs, Local 23, Headquarters, eBay.

How would you describe Mtl's style?

Varies by neighbourhoods. Plateau is different from St-Catherine from HoMa from Rosemont… know what I mean? We're fashion forward without being fashion victims. We like nice things but we're cheap.

What's your favourite expression?

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” Or even, “I never think that people die. They just go to department stores.” Respectively, Oscar Wilde and Andy Warhol.

Preloved - La Chatte bottée vintage shoe party

We love: Pants that aren't skinnies!

Preloved - La Chatte bottée vintage shoe party

Head to toe Urban outfitters
Isabelle, 26, manager at Urban outfitters
What do you like? French fries
What do you hate? Ananas ex aequo with water melon
Where do you shop? Urban outfitters, Local 24, general 54, Old Gold
What’s your favourite expression? Trop de chef pas assez d'indien, aweye!! maizant!! Describe your style: A native in the 90s !?!?
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Marc Jacobs, Vivienne westwood, Visvims, Acne
How do you organize your closet? On my floor and when I take the time by color and motifs

What’s going to be hot next season? I hope hi-waist are here to stay, no mo butt cracks

Tell us a secret: I have never seen the movie E.T

Preloved - La Chatte bottée vintage shoe party

Audrey Cantwell , Fashion Design Student
Leather jacket and shoes: Value Village // Bag: Echo // Shirt: American Apparel
What do you like? ironic mustaches
What do you hate? war
Where do you shop? Value Village, American Apparel, H&M
Where do you go out? Esco, Casa Del Popolo and Sala Rossa for shows
Where do you find your inspiration? in my pocket
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Vivienne Westwood
What's going to be hot next season? the 70's
Harrison Nguyen-Huu, 21, Graphic Designer and Student
Glasses and sweater: old vintage pieces from dad // Pants: BDG // Shoes: Easy from Urban Outfitters // Bag: Friperie Renaissance
What do you like? Boys, clothes and boys with wicked clothes.
would you describe Mtl's style? Montreal's overall style is very bland and generic. But for the very few that do have style, it's a mix of eclectic, grunge rock meets funky electrifying rave...Lol!
Where do you go out? Blizzarts, Peer Pressure/Nu raver parties...anywhere there's good music.
Where do you find your inspiration? Everywhere, but mainly from other people. Style blogs (like this one) or party photo sites...like MisShapes, Friendattack, Pregnant Goldfish...
What can't you live without? The internet
What's going to be hot next season? Obvious glasses, high waist and I guess for fall...big work boots!