29 septembre 2007

We <3 Paris

It's official. MTL STREET is now playing with the big kids. We have been invited to participate in FROM THE STREET TO THE NIGHT, an exposition initiative from the ever so trendy parisian boutique COLETTE. If you happen to be in Paris from the 1st of Octoberand the 3rd of November, It's a must!
Here's what the FACEHUNTER had to say about it: "If you are in Paris this coming month, between Le Louvre and Centre Pompidou, don't forget to visit Colette. With "From the Street to the Night", the famous Parisian boutique is presenting the first global exhibition about street style and party pictures blog culture. Do you check these photographs everyday online? Enjoy to see them hanging on a wall for once..."

26 septembre 2007

24 septembre 2007

Fall 07 - Substance Magazine

MTL STREET got a full two pages in the last issue of the online fashion journal Substance Magazine!
Check it out on page 15 online or click on the photo above.

22 septembre 2007

Meet Marilis

Marilis is from "the other" Montréal Streetstyle blog SHUT UP YOU TWIT, she also studies fashion design and works at preloved!
Tops: Preloved// Leggings: my grandmother's // Boots : Hearts of the Nations
Marilis, 19, Culture photographer
Website: SHUT UP YOU TWIT: pregnantgoldfish.wordpress.com / I also write for: indyish.com
What do you like? international fashion, taking obscene amounts of pictures, big men's cardigans, streetstyle blogs (!), meeting new people and change.
What do you hate? Broken sewing machines, holes in my stockings, eggs and unpacking
Where do you shop? I'm too poor to shop anywhere else but thrift stores, but I love to browse at oldGold, General 54, Morales and of course, Preloved. I really liked Denis Gagnon as well.
How long have you been in Montréal for? Since June.
Where do you go out? either small local shows at Sala Rosa, Casa Del Popolo or Divan Orange or Peer Pressure and Nu Ravers events
Where do you find your inspiration? international streetstyle blogs, the temperature, different fabrics... it varies
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Phillip Lim, Vandevorst, ou Miu Miu
What can't you live without? Oh god, my camera
What's going to be hot next season? For fall, huge knits and anything grey.
Tell us a secret: No one really knows how the goldfish got pregnant...

20 septembre 2007

Place Gérald-Godin

We love: The bow, the pocket watch... the bag!... The waist coat!

18 septembre 2007

Rue Mont-Royal

boots: salvation army // shirt and jeans: random cheap store in victoria//cardigan: second hand store called leches in vic// fir: true value vintage in vancouver
maya, 18
What do you do? eat sleep party and write sometimes
What do you like? males with a good choice of shoe
What do you hate? fake glasses How would you describe Mtl’s style? scene, or very generic. How long have you been in Montréal for? a month Where do you go out? corova, biv tec, tokyo, blizzarts, vinyll Describe your style: my style really changes depending on my mood. if i feel like being old fashioned, girly, comfortarble, foreign. anything! Where do you find your inspiration? people from the past i guess.. sophia loren, brigitte bardot, eddie sedgwick. kurt cobain, whatever.
What can’t you live without? chocolate and music
What's going to be hot next season? 1920s Tell us a secret: i feel more dirty after a shower

15 septembre 2007

Cegep Marie-Victorin

Rue Amherst - Marché du Lab Créatif à l'écomusée du fiermonde

We met Mariame at the Marché du Lab Créatif that is ending today at 5pm. Go check it out! 20 of Montréal's finest designer are there. It's happening at l'Écomusée du fier monde (2050 Amherst)
The coatdress and Allison Burns: Lost Shoe boutique (NYC)// zebra slip dress: some rocker shop// Doc Marten Mary Janes: Ebay.
Mariame, 29, Entrepreneur
Where do you shop? Ebay, Lost Shoe Productions (NYC), Patricia Field (NYC), Renata Morales, Allison Burns (L.A), Salon Glam...
Where do you find your inspiration? Mostly from the great NYC nightlife, rock and fashion icons, like Susanne Bartsch, Dianne Brill, Theo Kogan, Allison Burns and Anne Hanavan, the owner of Lost Shoe Productions. Count in Donatella Versace...Any woman with a strong character, personal edge and who dare to impose their style.
How would you describe Mtl’s style? Too careless, too trendy, too boho-hippie...not slick enough.
Describe your style: Classic, vampy with a hard edge, glossy.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Anything by Rodarte!! Or Alexander McQueen.
What can’t you live without? Stiletto heels, perfume and my books.
How do you organize your closet? As best as I can, so much clothes, so little space...
What’s going to be hot next season? I HATE trends and anything trendy. Personal style is what I live for.
Tell us a secret: Never owned sunglasses in my whole life!

14 septembre 2007

Rue de Couvent

We love: Clio! This is the third time she makes it to the blog because everyday, her outfits are MTL STREET worthy.

11 septembre 2007

Rue Mont-Royal

We love: everything! these girls are great

04 septembre 2007