30 juillet 2007


Thank you for voting, Montréal has now moved on to round 3 in the international streetstyle competion streetclash. You'll hear from us soon to ask you to vote again. Until then, thank you for voting for us!

29 juillet 2007

23 juillet 2007

De Chambly and Ontario

Yesterday we met Craig of The Commodified the founder of the Vancouver street style blog.We had fun showing him around Hogelaga-Maisonneuve for the day.

Rue St-Denis

St-Denis and Ontario

We love: gorgeous couples Dress: François Beauregard \\ Shoes: Dolce&Vita
Anabelle, 24, Journalist
Where do you shop? New stuff: François Beauregard, Lola and Emily, Urban Outfitters and of course a wardrobe isn't complete without H&M. For used or originals: boutiques sur Saint-Viateur (les bottes, particulièrement) et Bernard.
How would you describe Montreal's style? Offscale and original: Montréal is, like Berlin, one of the rare cities where fashion rules don't apply
Where do you go out? For coffee or a drink, La Croissanterie (Hutchison/Fairmount), for tartare, Lenéac (rue Laurier), for fries, La Paryse (rue Sanguinet) and a couple of bring your own wines(asian: Cô Ba, rue Laurier; french: La montagne, etc) for gin and to play pool: La petite idée fixe (rue du parc)
10 000$ to spend, which designer do you spend it on? Maje
You can't live without... Internet
What's coming up next season? Doc Martens are back, but I don't think I'll be wearing them.

St-Laurent street sale

top: touch \\ skirt: zara \\ bag:fafa \\ headband: garage
Mandy (on the left), 13, Student
What do you like? travelling, shopping, dancing, singing, practising yoga, taking pictures, etc.
What do you hate? my enemies
Where do you shop? zara,pink.ogilvy, stores in hong kong,h&m,and lots and lots of other stores... What do you read? chinese magazines:touch,yes,monday,etc What do you listen to? only chinese songs What do you watch? horror flicks, chinese, korean, and taiwan movies
Your style in one line: 100% hong kong girl
You can't live without: beauty

19 juillet 2007

Carré St-Louis

We love: Alison's great shoes and smile.
Dress from "La belle Renée", Dubuc bag, Dkny shoes
Alison Currier,21,assistant hair stylist
What do you like? getting in contact with people, Mont-Royal on sundays, clothes made in montreal, pop-corn, Burt's bee's wax, my appartment, Salon Daomé, Malboro cigarettes, expresso in the morning, my dog, dancing in my kitchen, mojitos, nachos, sens of details, shoes, making clothes with Fauve, dreaming and people that are surrounding me.
Where do you shop? U&I, Philippe Dubuc, E.R.A, old gold, Denis gagnon, Morales, Local 23 et general 54
How long have you been in Montréal for? 5 years
What's your favourite expression? Dreams come true if you truly believe in them
Describe your style: urban with a vintage twist and yes...a bit feminine.
Where do you find your inspiration? Talent in Quebec, Carrie Bradshaw and the old stuff from my grandma's jewelry box
How do you organize your closet? the expensive pieces first and on good hangers, than the dresses...after that it's hell!
What's going to be hot next season? Structured jackets like the ones from Balenciaga.
Tell us a secret: I'm going to change the face of Montreal fashion, give me 10 years!

17 juillet 2007

Rue Marie-Anne

We love: maternity fashions and Madeleine's sense of humour. (This photo was taken a few weeks ago, Madeleine now has a beautiful baby boy!)
Top: Costa Blanca\\ Pants: gift from a friend of mine who now has 2 beautiful babies
Madeleine Cantin, 27, Full time mom
What do you like? Ice Cream
What do you hate? People that offer credit cards over the phone
Where do you shop? I don't remember, for the last 9 months I only went to Thyme Maternity and Costa Blanca for tops
What are you reading? Different books that are helping me become a better mom... I hope
What do you listen to? Lullabies
Where do you go out? The market!
What’s your favourite expression? T'es hystérique!
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? I would probably have a recycled designer do a makeover of my wardrobe, Genest for example
What can’t you live without? necklaces
How do you organize your closet? Maternity and before
Tell us a secret: I have a beautiful little boy: His name is Rafael

13 juillet 2007

Club Date - Rue Ste-Catherine - Le Village

We love: Kareoke!

02 juillet 2007

Rue St-Denis

We love the paillette flats and beautiful dress!

For Disposal Of Feminin Products

We love this gorgeous dress!

Avenue Des Pins

We love the shorts and sneakers!

For Disposal Of Feminin Products

We love the shorts and the bullet pendant!

For Disposal Of Feminin Products

We LOVE these fleur de lys suspenders!

For Disposal Of Feminin Products Fashion Show