25 juin 2007

Street Clash

So we are at the 24th position! I know we can do better than this Montreal! If you haven't yet, Go and vote the first round ends 07/07/07.
MTL STREET will be participating in STREET CLASH, an international street style competition starting june 1st!
Montrealers, you know your city is the most fashionable out there so vote!

St-Catherine street Near St-Laurent

We love the handknit headband,cork watch and attitude :)

Name: David-Samuel Cowan

Age: 21

What do you like? Finding a secret place, the 70s, bittersweet harmonies, miracles, bible studies

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)?

Serge st-yves button up shirt, vest from village des valeurs, hand-knit headband, sunglasses and watch from the flea market, shoes from local 23, jeans from american apparel.

What are you reading? philosophical dictionary by voltaire.

Describe your style: button-up shirts, a wandering stranger, glasgow beach boy.

Where do you find your inspiration? stuart murdoch, a young truman.

Behind a black building on the corner of St-Laurent and Ontario

We love the knit hat and brown converse.

Geneviève is wearing clothes from Walmart

Genevieve Racette, 16, Singer/ Guitar Player
What do you like? Music and candy
What do you hate? Fergie
What do you listen to? Some french music + ska +punk rock and a bit of reggae.
Where do you go out? Concerts and alleys!
What’s your favourite expression? Cool Raoule
What can’t you live without? My boyfriend Benjamin :) <3
How do you organize your closet? I throw my clothes in the corner of my closet..
Tell us a secret: I'm scared of butterflies.

St-Laurent street sale

We love the little gold bag and cutie smile and dress.

Nom: Lee Age: 19

Describe Montreal's style in one pharse: Lust and Confusion.

What are you wearing in the photo?

Dress: Urban Behavior (rabais de 50% -- who would have thought that store sold such gems?) Flats: Payless Shoes. Belt: Value Village. Clutch: Ma grandmere. Earrings: Ma mere (during the 80s)

What are you listening to?

Fiona Apple. Akon. Gypsy Kings. Jeff Buckley. Elliott Smith. Youssou N'Dour. The Arcade Fire.

Your style in one pharse:

In the photo I am "Luxe for Less" or "Urban Stepford Wife."

St-Laurent street sale

We love: the aviators and vintage scarf.

Name:Jade Eden Blair


Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)?

The scarf was a gift from a wonderful man who runs a thrift store on pins, the sunglasses I found, and recently promptly lost, only to refind. The shirt is american apperal, and the leggings are my friends. Actually the same friend who lent me the keds I'm wearing, which I annexed and now control entirely.

Where do you go out? Zoo Bizzare, Blizzarts, Green Room, la Revolucion.

Describe your style: half-hazard

24 juin 2007

Behind the black building, Boulevard St-Laurent/rue Ontario

We love: Funny kids!
Jeans: Village Des Valeurs // Red Suspenders: Village Des Valeurs // Bloodshop Bill Tee : My sister's // some painted FRESH imitation converse :Yellow // Aviators : Gift // Pins and bracelet : made myself
Skippy,17, Busker/Soon to be tam tams vendor
What do you like? Paris
What do you hate? Bug-bites
Where do you shop? Village Des Valeurs, Meow, thrift shops, etc. Lots of my stuff are hand-me downs from friends and people though.
What are you reading? At the moment, Fatu Hiva.
What do you listen to? Jazz, acoustic swing, punk/ska, reggae, 40s-60s rock, etc.
Where do you go out? Local punk ska shows, festivals, tam tams, etc.
Describe your style: Oh it's been changing. it's always changing actually.
Where do you find your inspiration? All over. people i see on the streets.
What can’t you live without? My hands. You can't really draw or play instruments without hands.
What’s going to be hot next season? two-tone wingtips.

Metro Place des Arts

We love this gorgeous pleated skirt. And we love that highwaists are back!

Avenue Sainte-Croix

We love the shorts and cardi and her shades, top and pendant.

23 juin 2007

Metro Sherbrooke

We love the mix of genres!
shrug :Urban Outfitters // tube top : Harmony Walker from La Gaillarde// shorts : partner's father // purse : my Mom's // lipstick : Guerlain
Amber, 25
What do you do? Zines, art, experimental filmmaking, play guitar & sing in my rock band Nightwood
How would you describe Mtl's style? Pumped for summer! I love the brave girls on New Year's Eve outside of clubs wearing short skirts and stilettos in 2 inches of slush! Gotta admire the determination. Also: loads of quirky scenesters in the Mile End with careful sunglass/vintage dress/sexy shoe/funky hair ensembles, lots of rocakbilly influence everywhere else.
What's your favourite expression? "Amber" as in "Amber Goodwyn"
Describe your style: Glamber.
Where do you find your inspiration? Photos of my Mom from the 70's, my friends, artists and thinkers I admire like Susie Bright and Kathleen K-R, youth culture, gendered and queer cultures.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Clayton of Complex Geometries.
What's going to be hot next season? Shorts with tights during the fall and old fur hats and headbands during the winter.
Tell us a secret: My band Nightwood is gonna be the next Heart.

Rue Ontario

We love: Joelle's broche and hair! jeans : urban outfitters // grandma shoes and top: village des valeurs
Joelle Binet, 19, Cinema Student
Website: i dont do internet
What do you like? Olives
What do you hate? The dictionnary
What are you reading? Jules et Jim de Henri-Pierre Rocher
What do you listen to? a whole lot of Indy and electro
What do you watch? i like french new wave films
Where do you go out? foufs, SAT, Tokyo, wherever seems right
Your expression? t tu con?
Can't live without... cake icing miam
What's coming up next season? hallelujah for 80s and high waisted shit
Tell us a secret: I hate my roommates... oops!

18 juin 2007

My hero gallery(3655 St-Laurent)

We love: The Bling hoops,dress and the manicure!

My hero gallery(3655 St-Laurent)

We love the hair and the printed mini.

My hero gallery(3655 St-Laurent)

We love it all :)

My hero gallery(3655 St-Laurent)

We love the tee !

17 juin 2007

My hero gallery(3655 St-Laurent)

We love the red hair and the amazing mini dress!


St-Catherine street Near St-Laurent

We love the mix of colors!

Name: Ivan

Age: 31

Website: http://www.auroratone.com/

What do you do? Songs and cartoons.

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)?

The red boat shoes are from the trash in Wisconsin. In the same pile I found a green pair, also exactly my size. It was fun to mix and match the two pairs, but sadly the green ones ran away a couple years back.The socks are some morning-after-a-sleepover socks that a friend gave me to start my day fresh in, since my socks from the day before stunk too badly. The pants are from a Concordia clothing swap. The yellow belt(not pictured) is from a yard sale. The yellow hankerchief sticking out of my pocket is from 100-Yen store in Japan. The grandpa shirt was from an other massive curb-score near my house in the East End the other day.I'm guessing that an old man with my exact build passed away, and they threw out his entire 60's and 70's era wardrobe. Thanks my friend,whoever you were. The hat is from a St. Vincent de Paul's down in the US and A.

Describe your style: Premature grandpa going colorblind.

14 juin 2007

St-Catherine near Berri

We love: her cute hat! Also love the skirt and moccasins.

09 juin 2007

St-Catherine street and St-Dominique

Boy with the beard:

Name: Robby

Age: 24

Website: http://www.24karrots.com/dime_a_dozen/ http://www.myspace.com/natalifilm

What do you do? Filmmaker / Photographer / Graffiti writer

Where do you shop? Village des Valeurs, H&M, FRIPERIE RENNAISSANCE, Salvation Army, WAL-MART, Dollaramma.

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picture)?Shirt: Village des ValeursJeans: H&MShoes: Wal-Mart

Describe your style:Tall dude strong man Beard face.

What’s going to be hot next season?The winter and Wooden shoes (You know those things they wear in Holland, clogs?)