31 mai 2007

Avenue Mont-Royal

We love: their awesome accesories. Especially the sunday pendant and the bow pendant (not seen) "i made the skirt, leggin: urban outfiters ...euh black hoodie: my mom give it to me(but i made the puppet on my back) purple <> : X2o and another t shirt from Paris pas chere"
Nell, 16, Student and Ardenne Salesperson (on the right)
Website: www.myspace.com/xmyxsuicidex What do you like? travel, fashion, friends and family making my own clothes
What do you hate? FUCKING LIARS
Where do you shop?village des valeurs :P, sirens, ardenne,aldo...etc What are you reading? novels and manga What do you listen to? evrything : Charles Aznavour, underoath ..polish music , gween stefani, christina aguilera , justin timberlake ....
What do you watch? sailor moon HAHAHa
Where do you find your inspiration? gween stefan,i christina aguilera, fashion magsine What’s going to be hot next season? the 60's and high heels

Parc des Amériques

We love: the hair'doo and the awesome grandpa shoes

St-Laurent and St-Joseph

We love: His ray ban shades,purple polo,colorful kicks and multi colored cap.

28 mai 2007

Boutique Lustre - 4429, Blvd Saint-Laurent

We love - this boutique! Check it out!

Rue Saint-Laurent

We love: the shoes!

Rue Mont-Royal

We love: The complimentary blue and purple this couple is sporting!
played out tiedye hoody: stoopid on st denis// jbrands: caban on queen// tretorns: ebay
rip stoopid n caban only ebay STILL STANDZ
erica, 27
What do you do? lounge and recline What are you reading? MARTHA STEWART'S HOMEKEEPING HANDBOOK and greek mythology but reallly i just WATCH PASSIONZ How would you describe Mtl's style? too many hightops How long have you been in Montréal for? 5 years? i married young it's all a blur What do you watch? PASSIONZ 4 LYF curb your enthusiasm reality shows PASSIONZ 4 LYF
What's your favourite expression? i have lots one is "STOP BOTHERING ME" i used to say "pretty much the ultimate" a lot and i like to say "SHOCKING" in a german accent and I INVENTED THE TERM "HATERADE" i think hatch is trying to steal it now
Describe your style: silent rap Where do you find your inspiration? rap videos and yuppie visions of who i want to be If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? dolce n g but actually i'd probably try to FEED PEOPLE instead What can't you live without? expensve jeans and lipgloss and fiji/icelandic glacial water oh and my lappletop
How do you organize your closet? not by colour ... however martha tells me to
What's going to be hot next season? NO MORE NURAVE that would be so hot if nurave were no longer hot but apparently IT WILL BE so i guess i can't say NO MORE NURAVE and i am forced to say NURAVE. Tell us a secret: most common health problems can be cured by drinking more water and eating more vegetables. SPREAD THE WORD!

Rue Saint-Laurent

We love: his hair and shorts - her hairband and dress

26 mai 2007

Rue Saint-Laurent

We love: Alex's shades and rufle shirt!
Alex, social work student
What do you like? you and you and you (but not you ;-)
What are you reading? Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five (I've been saving it!)
How would you describe Mtl's style?eclectic,bold How long have you been in Montréal for? around 8 years
What do you listen to? today i am listening to CCR, and Chaka Khan
What do you watch? no TV Where do you go out? everywhere and anywhere - especially in nature What can't you live without? music, animals, people i love How do you organize your closet? by season

Rue Saint-Laurent

We love: the shoes and skinnies! "I bought the shirt when I was 17 am was trying to go for a kinda Mark Renton/trainspotting kinda thing. The shoes I bought at some sorta hip hop shop when I was drunk and I was talked into it by a girl who wanted me to be more hip. the pants are now mine out of spite. The bag was given to me by a junkie with a heart of gold."
Sam Shubert-Harbison, 24
What do you do? I draw cartoons, waste my time in a bullshit call center, and party like I am stupid.
What do you like? Vegan Jerky What do you hate? Mayo
Where do you shop? Dumpsters
What are you reading? Sketchy paper back sci-fi from the cold war era.
How would you describe Mtl’s style? either really drity or really suburbs.
What’s your favourite expression? Keep on Keepin' on
Describe your style: like a punk did it with all of 1970's california
Where do you find your inspiration? if I knew that....... maybe gay guys.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? fruit of the loom
What's going to be hot next season? something like a cross between run DMC, and teenage Iron Maiden fan.
Tell us a secret:I tattooed Kirk Vs. Gorn on my leg when I was drunk

25 mai 2007

Blvd. Saint-Laurent corner Ave. Mont-Royal

We love: Unicron's awesome shades and gorgeous dress!
What do you like? pabst blue ribbon & saint bernards

Parc des Amériques

We love. "I made most of my outfit, from two pairs of nylons and some craft paint. The trunks are from Value Village and I saved up some money to buy these wrestling styled boots from Blame Betty"
Mx Justice, 22, Radical activist and vigilante
What do you like? Love and Personal Freedom.
How long have you been in Montréal for? One Month
What do you watch? Squirrels are like north american monkees, amazing creatures.
What's your favourite expression? "Stay fit and have fun" and "the power is yours" are two classics.
Where do you find your inspiration? Well comic books is an obvious answer but specifically I like Mike Allred's Madman comics. Bright pop art colors with simple but dynamic illustration. Groovy.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? I would really want to blow it all on a rocket pack, but an effecient model hasn't been created yet and there's probably a better use for that money... like starving children or cancer research... but then again maybe I'd buy one of Troy Hurtubise's bear proof suits. or a Roller Man Suit off of Joey Blundorf (sp?) What can't you live without?Air and Water I spose... and I like pizza, chilli and toast with chocolate spread.
What's going to be hot next season? UV rays due to ozone depletion.
Tell us a secret: Ha, thought you could pull a fast one on me... better luck next time.

Underground - Les Cours Mont-Royal

We love: Audrey's amazing layering instincts. Jacket: Le Chateau (inside-out)/Jeans: H&M /Tank-Top: H&M / Shoes: Stone Ridge / Scarf: Village des Valeurs
Audrey Benoualid, 19, Tree Hugger
What do you like? Vegan brownies, polka dots, a good attitude, piercings, black nail polish, grandparents, talent, and old Mercedes
What do you hate? I don't hate anything. I dislike Hummers
Where do you shop? H&M, American Apparel, Village des Valeurs, Thrift shops, Zara What are you reading? A Fine Balance- Rohinton Mistry
What do you listen to? A Perfect Circle, Taproot, Tool, Deftones, Dredg, Ben Cardilli, Patrick Watson, Incubus, Sevendust, and anything else considered to be music.
Where do you go out? W, Mad Hatters, Clydes, Blizzart
What's your favourite expression? that was rad
Describe your style: all over the place
Where do you find your inspiration? My sister, magazines, nature (jk)
What can't you live without? Dance, Music, Love, Sushi, Diet Coke, Sleep

Boulevard Saint-Laurent

We love: everything about this kid!

Fridays at Vynil - Rue Bleury

We love: the hoodies over the caps and the awesome specs. We love: the cool hairdoo!

Rue Maisonneuve Corner Atwater

We love: the awesome shades and hat. Enyce jeans: trip to Michigan/ Sean John suedetrack jacket: New York/ Nike Dunk SBs : thesadly defunct Alena in NDG/ Borsalino hat: Italy/ Shriners Western belt buckle : eBay/ $8 sunglasseswith a fake Versace medusa that looks like a Japanesesuperhero : the corner of Clark and de laGauchetiere
Mike Citrome, 26, Interweb development / Soon-to-beNotary
What do you like? Japanese robots from the recentpast
What do you hate? Closedmindedness
What are you reading? "If I am from Grand-Mere, Whyam I Being Sued In Texas?", Misery LovesComedy by Ivan Brunetti
How would you describe Mtl’s style?Two years ahead of or behind the rest of the world.
What's your favourite expression?Bob Dylan said it best - "You don't need a weathermanto know which way the wind blows."
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would you spend it on?13 handmade suits from my tailor, John Iacobacci.
What can’t you live without?My Crumpler laptop bag.
What’s going to be hot next season?Global warming and ugly sneakers.
Tell us a secret:Credit cards are an expensive way to spend your ownmoney.

13 mai 2007

Rue Sainte-Catherine E.

We love: the cool attitude

05 mai 2007

St-Catherine and Bleury

We love: Her amazing vintage knit dress and yellow bag.