20 novembre 2007

Jour 2 - Streetclash

Quelques bogues techniques, mais la compétition continue!
Votez pour Montréal, si vous préférez notre photo, en cliquant sur la photo ci-dessous...
N'oubliez pas d'en parler à vos amis!
Couple of technical bugs on day one but the competition continues!
If you prefer our photo, vote for us by clicking on the photo above!
Don't forget to tell your friends to vote!

3 commentaires:

laimikis a dit...

we love your shots, MTL! :)
it is funny,hat tthere are some parallels in the poses-attitude of people you and we present on streetclash.

Anonyme a dit...

You guys lost because of people from Europe voting with a bias! Love the last picture! She should have definitely won!

lapetiterecette a dit...