01 octobre 2007

Street Clash - Round 3

YEAH! Montréal won round three of streetclash!
Thank you all for voting!
DAY ONE - Montréal WINS!
DAY TWO - Montréal WINS!
DAY THREE - Montréal LOSES! :(
DAY FOUR - Montréal WINS!
STREET CLASH is an international street style competiton where different cities compete to crown the most stylish city.
  • Round 1: MTL STREET is part of the 24 international streetstyle blogs to make it into STREET CLASH
  • Round 2: MTL STREET is up against LONDON, UK and WINS!
  • Round 3: MTL STREET is up against PERTH, Australia and WINS!

5 commentaires:

Fred The Mole a dit...

Done !
on attend toujours la version française de votre blog !!



Fred the Mole

Live Mtl a dit...

Good job fighting the good fight!

Dropstitch a dit...

Our photos for day 2 have the exact same composition... i think we must be on the same wavelength :)

Emma x

Lili a dit...

montreal represent!!!!!!!! on peut tous les battre

Punky a dit...

congrats to you