26 octobre 2007


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Candid Cool a dit...

no 5 is pretty cool

Turnquest a dit...

I wish there were more people of colour on your page. Makes it seem as if MTL's like Sweden or something.

David-Alexandre a dit...

Hey turnquest!
Your comment really made me think and got me intrigued... So i went through our archives and counted all the people we had taken in photo and surprisingly around 45% aren't caucasian.
More than I would have expected!
Nonetheless, we really base our pics on style and not by skin colour and it would be way too pretentious for ous to claim that we represent montreal, it is much more varied than what two camera lenses can capture, although we do our best!

Marilis a dit...

that second to last photo is probably my favourite you've ever posted- and that says something seeing as three of my friends are in this very post. well done guys, it's adorable.