13 août 2007

Avenue Mont-Royal

Chrystal and Lisa are wearing... American Apparel. Obviously.
Chrystal Boyd and Lisa Bradford, 20, Drinkers
What do you like? Rainbows and Kittens.
How would you describe Mtl's style? People are dull, when we go out people tell us we look like prostitutes. They have no imagination. We're just beautiful.
What do you watch? Home Repair/Gardening shows, Coronation Street
Where do you go out? Foufs, Clydes, anywhere.
Describe your style: Lisa dresses Chrystal and Chrystal dresses Lisa. It's been working out pretty good for us.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Is American Apparel designer?
What can't you live without? Heroin Addict Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, World's Pinkest. Thats all there is to life.

What's going to be hot next season? Us. Naturally.

Tell us a secret: We're terrible at keeping secrets.

12 commentaires:

Marie-France a dit...

This post is a joke, right? Please tell me it's a joke.

Miss World a dit...

I second Marie-France's comment, I'm hoping it's a joke too.

People in Montreal have no imagination? What exactly is imaginative about dressing entirely in AA clothes? Yeah, nothing, that's what I thought. These two are just pathetic looking and trashy in a really bad way.

Anonyme a dit...

Come on guys. Shiny clothes are true designer fashion.


Anonyme a dit...

Head-to-toe American Apparel is sooo Montreal.

Damon a dit...

Miss World and Marie France: Contrary to popular belief, having your outfit put on someone's blog isn't necessarily a form of praise.

Clio a dit...

ok guys! What is montreal if not one big happy family! I love this city because people aren't ridiculously judgemental of other people's style. taking chances and having fun, that's what good style is all about. I hate american apparel for their general poor taste and lack of moral values but I think these girls look happy and confident and are pulling off two really nice outfits. Props to you two and props to this blog for embraceing everybody's stylish colors... however sparkly!

Marie-France a dit...

I just don't understand why mtl street would post an american apparel ad.

Anonyme a dit...

"People are dull, when we go out people tell us we look like prostitutes. They have no imagination." -Chrystal and Lisa

"These two are just pathetic looking and trashy in a really bad way." - 'Miss World'

Exactly our point.

Miss World a dit...

Your point? You have no point.

I don't have to be dull to think your dress sense is horrendous. It's all about having good taste.

God, Mtlst has gone so downhill lately. Makes me sad.

Anonyme a dit...

Haha I love that logic. "Everyone who criticizes us is unimaginative."

"You girls dress like children who are dressing the way they think adults dress."

"SEE?? You're unimaginative!"

Ladies, please find some original pieces and don't be so proud to buy all your boring shiny 'wacky' clothes at a boring chain store that masks itself in hipster cool. American Apparel produce some good basics, but that's it.

I think people wouldn't even have minded this post as much if you weren't so proud of your ignorance and derision of anyone who's different.

But then again, I guess I'm dull because I don't wear AA head to toe and I think your aesthetic sucks. Oh darn.

David-Alexandre a dit...

Wooah Minute lala!

Everyone is taking themselves way too seriously.

I took this photo because I think these are some fun girls with some fun outfits.

I take photos of things I like to see. Now if you don't like it then BooHoo! Start your own blog.


SwanDiamondRose a dit...

i love these girls! their attitude is great.