23 juillet 2007

St-Denis and Ontario

We love: gorgeous couples Dress: François Beauregard \\ Shoes: Dolce&Vita
Anabelle, 24, Journalist
Where do you shop? New stuff: François Beauregard, Lola and Emily, Urban Outfitters and of course a wardrobe isn't complete without H&M. For used or originals: boutiques sur Saint-Viateur (les bottes, particulièrement) et Bernard.
How would you describe Montreal's style? Offscale and original: Montréal is, like Berlin, one of the rare cities where fashion rules don't apply
Where do you go out? For coffee or a drink, La Croissanterie (Hutchison/Fairmount), for tartare, Lenéac (rue Laurier), for fries, La Paryse (rue Sanguinet) and a couple of bring your own wines(asian: Cô Ba, rue Laurier; french: La montagne, etc) for gin and to play pool: La petite idée fixe (rue du parc)
10 000$ to spend, which designer do you spend it on? Maje
You can't live without... Internet
What's coming up next season? Doc Martens are back, but I don't think I'll be wearing them.

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