17 juillet 2007

Rue Marie-Anne

We love: maternity fashions and Madeleine's sense of humour. (This photo was taken a few weeks ago, Madeleine now has a beautiful baby boy!)
Top: Costa Blanca\\ Pants: gift from a friend of mine who now has 2 beautiful babies
Madeleine Cantin, 27, Full time mom
What do you like? Ice Cream
What do you hate? People that offer credit cards over the phone
Where do you shop? I don't remember, for the last 9 months I only went to Thyme Maternity and Costa Blanca for tops
What are you reading? Different books that are helping me become a better mom... I hope
What do you listen to? Lullabies
Where do you go out? The market!
What’s your favourite expression? T'es hystérique!
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? I would probably have a recycled designer do a makeover of my wardrobe, Genest for example
What can’t you live without? necklaces
How do you organize your closet? Maternity and before
Tell us a secret: I have a beautiful little boy: His name is Rafael

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Christyne a dit...

J'aime beaucoup son style: élégant, sobre, classique. Bravo.