19 juillet 2007

Carré St-Louis

We love: Alison's great shoes and smile.
Dress from "La belle Renée", Dubuc bag, Dkny shoes
Alison Currier,21,assistant hair stylist
What do you like? getting in contact with people, Mont-Royal on sundays, clothes made in montreal, pop-corn, Burt's bee's wax, my appartment, Salon Daomé, Malboro cigarettes, expresso in the morning, my dog, dancing in my kitchen, mojitos, nachos, sens of details, shoes, making clothes with Fauve, dreaming and people that are surrounding me.
Where do you shop? U&I, Philippe Dubuc, E.R.A, old gold, Denis gagnon, Morales, Local 23 et general 54
How long have you been in Montréal for? 5 years
What's your favourite expression? Dreams come true if you truly believe in them
Describe your style: urban with a vintage twist and yes...a bit feminine.
Where do you find your inspiration? Talent in Quebec, Carrie Bradshaw and the old stuff from my grandma's jewelry box
How do you organize your closet? the expensive pieces first and on good hangers, than the dresses...after that it's hell!
What's going to be hot next season? Structured jackets like the ones from Balenciaga.
Tell us a secret: I'm going to change the face of Montreal fashion, give me 10 years!

2 commentaires:

Candid Cool a dit...

cool dress!

deyla a dit...

je la veux cette robe!