25 juin 2007

St-Catherine street Near St-Laurent

We love the handknit headband,cork watch and attitude :)

Name: David-Samuel Cowan

Age: 21

What do you like? Finding a secret place, the 70s, bittersweet harmonies, miracles, bible studies

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)?

Serge st-yves button up shirt, vest from village des valeurs, hand-knit headband, sunglasses and watch from the flea market, shoes from local 23, jeans from american apparel.

What are you reading? philosophical dictionary by voltaire.

Describe your style: button-up shirts, a wandering stranger, glasgow beach boy.

Where do you find your inspiration? stuart murdoch, a young truman.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

What a smoking babelicious babe.

Alysa a dit...

Top notch answer to the last question and dream weaver style.

Candid Cool a dit...

He’s got a lot of interesting “old” brown accessories, like his belt, watch (very beautiful), and glasses. I also like the unexpected red/black checkered head band. He looks great, and I also not familiar with the brand Serge st-yves, but a “Serge st-yves button up shirt” sounds like a pretty cool thing to own.