17 juin 2007

St-Catherine street Near St-Laurent

We love the mix of colors!

Name: Ivan

Age: 31

Website: http://www.auroratone.com/

What do you do? Songs and cartoons.

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)?

The red boat shoes are from the trash in Wisconsin. In the same pile I found a green pair, also exactly my size. It was fun to mix and match the two pairs, but sadly the green ones ran away a couple years back.The socks are some morning-after-a-sleepover socks that a friend gave me to start my day fresh in, since my socks from the day before stunk too badly. The pants are from a Concordia clothing swap. The yellow belt(not pictured) is from a yard sale. The yellow hankerchief sticking out of my pocket is from 100-Yen store in Japan. The grandpa shirt was from an other massive curb-score near my house in the East End the other day.I'm guessing that an old man with my exact build passed away, and they threw out his entire 60's and 70's era wardrobe. Thanks my friend,whoever you were. The hat is from a St. Vincent de Paul's down in the US and A.

Describe your style: Premature grandpa going colorblind.

3 commentaires:

Candid Cool a dit...

what a kooky jumbled mix of where to get his clothing that he pulled together in such a coherent way. and for that i applaud him

Marianne a dit...

I've never seen somebody as stylish as Ivan. WOW.

DestiniV. a dit...

That's where all my clothes come from too! Yay!