09 juin 2007

St-Catherine street and St-Dominique

Boy with the beard:

Name: Robby

Age: 24

Website: http://www.24karrots.com/dime_a_dozen/ http://www.myspace.com/natalifilm

What do you do? Filmmaker / Photographer / Graffiti writer

Where do you shop? Village des Valeurs, H&M, FRIPERIE RENNAISSANCE, Salvation Army, WAL-MART, Dollaramma.

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picture)?Shirt: Village des ValeursJeans: H&MShoes: Wal-Mart

Describe your style:Tall dude strong man Beard face.

What’s going to be hot next season?The winter and Wooden shoes (You know those things they wear in Holland, clogs?)

2 commentaires:

Cori a dit...

Wow, Clogs! Looking forward to seeing you wearing these!
Btw, in Holland they call it "klompjes", here in Germany it is "Klotschen". :D

Candid Cool a dit...

they look good