18 juin 2007

My hero gallery(3655 St-Laurent)

We love: The Bling hoops,dress and the manicure!

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Anonyme a dit...

so it doesn't matter what you're actually wearing as long as you know the camera person.
you just lost creds. i'm sure your friends are nice people but the fashion does nothing for any of the My Hero Gallery pics.

Anonyme a dit...

awwwww is someone upset that they didn't get THEIR photo taken???

Anonyme a dit...

It's not a very original outfit. Hairstyle not flattering. It's fine for going for coffee or groceries but not picture/blog worthy.
I used to live at 3655, by the way...

Anonyme a dit...

dude you so crazy!!

this outfit is smoking. the combo of ghetto fab meets 90's Vivienne Westwood is truly worthy of a post!

Anonyme a dit...

BTW....other then the outfit and girl is not only 'smoking'. The outfit is an original design. As they say 'I use to live at 3655', if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. 'Green' with envy, is obviously your color darling.

Izzy a dit...

Thank you last anonymous person,and by the way I saw this girl for the first time that nite,its not a question of being my friend or not its about what she was wearing and how it inspired me.

k.a a dit...

whoever is bringing some stupid negative comments like that to this website, u just lost cred

what is your style blog?lets see all your fashions so we can comment on if your grocery store/going out outfits are appropriate.
this page is for people who love and appreciate street fashion, so nice one to everyone who makes nice comments on nice outfits.

why don't you submit your resume and your pics to perez hilton? thats where you should be commenting, not here.. this isn't some catty celeb gossip website

this girl has some BANGIN outfits, and she looks so hot, and if i saw her at the grocery store, a bar or at coffee it DOESN'T MATTER WHAT SHE IS WEARING COS SHE LOOKS FINE

and your comment doesn't.

AND XOXOX to this blog

Izzy a dit...

thank you k.a. :)

Anonyme a dit...

that woman is a stone fox.
and her outfit and hair are slammin'

i wish i saw her at this party cause i would have tried to take her home.

Jennine a dit...

you have been tagged!
i'm tagging you because i love you.
; )

check my site and you'll see what i mean.

sorry, i dont normally do this, but it's fun, it really is!