24 juin 2007

Behind the black building, Boulevard St-Laurent/rue Ontario

We love: Funny kids!
Jeans: Village Des Valeurs // Red Suspenders: Village Des Valeurs // Bloodshop Bill Tee : My sister's // some painted FRESH imitation converse :Yellow // Aviators : Gift // Pins and bracelet : made myself
Skippy,17, Busker/Soon to be tam tams vendor
What do you like? Paris
What do you hate? Bug-bites
Where do you shop? Village Des Valeurs, Meow, thrift shops, etc. Lots of my stuff are hand-me downs from friends and people though.
What are you reading? At the moment, Fatu Hiva.
What do you listen to? Jazz, acoustic swing, punk/ska, reggae, 40s-60s rock, etc.
Where do you go out? Local punk ska shows, festivals, tam tams, etc.
Describe your style: Oh it's been changing. it's always changing actually.
Where do you find your inspiration? All over. people i see on the streets.
What can’t you live without? My hands. You can't really draw or play instruments without hands.
What’s going to be hot next season? two-tone wingtips.

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Gege a dit...

Heyyy wheres my picture?!!?! no fare screw u skippy! :P <3