26 mai 2007

Rue Saint-Laurent

We love: the shoes and skinnies! "I bought the shirt when I was 17 am was trying to go for a kinda Mark Renton/trainspotting kinda thing. The shoes I bought at some sorta hip hop shop when I was drunk and I was talked into it by a girl who wanted me to be more hip. the pants are now mine out of spite. The bag was given to me by a junkie with a heart of gold."
Sam Shubert-Harbison, 24
What do you do? I draw cartoons, waste my time in a bullshit call center, and party like I am stupid.
What do you like? Vegan Jerky What do you hate? Mayo
Where do you shop? Dumpsters
What are you reading? Sketchy paper back sci-fi from the cold war era.
How would you describe Mtl’s style? either really drity or really suburbs.
What’s your favourite expression? Keep on Keepin' on
Describe your style: like a punk did it with all of 1970's california
Where do you find your inspiration? if I knew that....... maybe gay guys.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? fruit of the loom
What's going to be hot next season? something like a cross between run DMC, and teenage Iron Maiden fan.
Tell us a secret:I tattooed Kirk Vs. Gorn on my leg when I was drunk

3 commentaires:

alli a dit...

run DMC and teenage iron maiden fan....that should be interesting.

David-Alexandre a dit...

YO! This picture is now on AOL.ca LIFESTYLE
check it out

SwanDiamondRose a dit...

i like him