25 mai 2007

Parc des Amériques

We love. "I made most of my outfit, from two pairs of nylons and some craft paint. The trunks are from Value Village and I saved up some money to buy these wrestling styled boots from Blame Betty"
Mx Justice, 22, Radical activist and vigilante
What do you like? Love and Personal Freedom.
How long have you been in Montréal for? One Month
What do you watch? Squirrels are like north american monkees, amazing creatures.
What's your favourite expression? "Stay fit and have fun" and "the power is yours" are two classics.
Where do you find your inspiration? Well comic books is an obvious answer but specifically I like Mike Allred's Madman comics. Bright pop art colors with simple but dynamic illustration. Groovy.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? I would really want to blow it all on a rocket pack, but an effecient model hasn't been created yet and there's probably a better use for that money... like starving children or cancer research... but then again maybe I'd buy one of Troy Hurtubise's bear proof suits. or a Roller Man Suit off of Joey Blundorf (sp?) What can't you live without?Air and Water I spose... and I like pizza, chilli and toast with chocolate spread.
What's going to be hot next season? UV rays due to ozone depletion.
Tell us a secret: Ha, thought you could pull a fast one on me... better luck next time.

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Justice a dit...

That's me alright...i'm cooler than i thought i was.