25 mai 2007

Underground - Les Cours Mont-Royal

We love: Audrey's amazing layering instincts. Jacket: Le Chateau (inside-out)/Jeans: H&M /Tank-Top: H&M / Shoes: Stone Ridge / Scarf: Village des Valeurs
Audrey Benoualid, 19, Tree Hugger
What do you like? Vegan brownies, polka dots, a good attitude, piercings, black nail polish, grandparents, talent, and old Mercedes
What do you hate? I don't hate anything. I dislike Hummers
Where do you shop? H&M, American Apparel, Village des Valeurs, Thrift shops, Zara What are you reading? A Fine Balance- Rohinton Mistry
What do you listen to? A Perfect Circle, Taproot, Tool, Deftones, Dredg, Ben Cardilli, Patrick Watson, Incubus, Sevendust, and anything else considered to be music.
Where do you go out? W, Mad Hatters, Clydes, Blizzart
What's your favourite expression? that was rad
Describe your style: all over the place
Where do you find your inspiration? My sister, magazines, nature (jk)
What can't you live without? Dance, Music, Love, Sushi, Diet Coke, Sleep

5 commentaires:

amylee from Paris a dit...

Toutes mes félicitations à toute l'équipe.
Le site est très bien fait !

Anonyme a dit...

Tres, tres jolie
J'aime beaucoup le manteau


David-Alexandre a dit...

Hey This photo is now on Aol.ca LIFESTYLE
check it out!

Audrey a dit...

thank you for letting me know the picture is on Aol!!


Audrey a dit...

And thank you Tonin for the comment!