31 mai 2007

Avenue Mont-Royal

We love: their awesome accesories. Especially the sunday pendant and the bow pendant (not seen) "i made the skirt, leggin: urban outfiters ...euh black hoodie: my mom give it to me(but i made the puppet on my back) purple <> : X2o and another t shirt from Paris pas chere"
Nell, 16, Student and Ardenne Salesperson (on the right)
Website: www.myspace.com/xmyxsuicidex What do you like? travel, fashion, friends and family making my own clothes
What do you hate? FUCKING LIARS
Where do you shop?village des valeurs :P, sirens, ardenne,aldo...etc What are you reading? novels and manga What do you listen to? evrything : Charles Aznavour, underoath ..polish music , gween stefani, christina aguilera , justin timberlake ....
What do you watch? sailor moon HAHAHa
Where do you find your inspiration? gween stefan,i christina aguilera, fashion magsine What’s going to be hot next season? the 60's and high heels

2 commentaires:

punky a dit...

i love that hoddie

Jennine a dit...

yep. the hoodie rocks. poor guy.