10 avril 2007

Village des valeurs (Namur)

Emily, 15 (to the right)
Where do you shop? Salvation Army and Frenchy's (used clothing chain in Nova Scotia).
Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)? Blazer and skirt from Frenchy's, skirt from basement warehouse in Toronto, leggings from my friend's mom. I don't pay over 10$ for anything, ever.
How would you describe Mtl’s style? Oh, jeez. We get people from all these different cultures and backgrounds opening doors to crazy new stuff. You walk down the street and you get Middle Eastern women with their hair wrapped up who can totally rock with a full-length skirt, and you get crazy facial hair and all these awesome ideas. And people see that and take what they like from it, so you have all this crazness bouncing off itself. You usually don't find that outside of like, New York.

What do you listen to? MusiquePlus. Apparantly, Francophones have much better taste than Anglophon

Describe your style: It changes every day. Emo and punk and indie and goth and 50s glamour are all in there somewhere.
Mantra: "If you feel like a troll, you should look like a troll." - James St. James (while dressed as a troll.)
Where do you find your inspiration? Today, the makeup was inspired by David Bowie and Ryan Ross of Panic! At The Disco. Hats off to them.

An extra pic Maia sent us :)

most people call me maia, with an i, underage (to the left)

Website: www.myspace.com/welcometothe80s

What do you do? "ride in cars with boys"

What do you like? sex, drugs, rock n' roll, hooxing, chilling on rooftops, boys in bands, text messaging, american apparel anything, vodka shots, thecobrasnake, leather jackets and blazers, sundays, sweatbands, drunken phone calls, cold hands on warm bodies

Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)? jeans from urban, cowboy boots from a vintage store, top from american apparel and the cardigan is from value village

What do you listen to? the local boys, yknow (and uffie, of course)

Describe your style: "dressed up and so messed up, cigarettes and nylon"

Where do you find your inspiration? the hood, obv

If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? jeremy scott

What’s going to be hot next season? whatever cory kennedy is wearing

Tell us a secret: i walked into mark hunter once and couldn't talk

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