10 avril 2007

St-laurent street trio

We love: the middle guy's checkered shirt and busted up jeans and the girl to the right's all black outfit, especially the boots and her rad hair, the contrast of the red gloves is what got our attention.

Tim, 27 (left)

What do you do? String things together as best as I can

What do you like? Strong strands of sturdy string

What do you hate? Less and less

Where do you shop? I'm broke and busted up nice and lovely, nice and well thanks.

What are you reading? Arthur Rimbault, Pema Chodron, Pierre-Alain Faucon

How would you describe Mtl's style? Old guard punk-hippie-art-anarchists vs. new school indie-hipster-hippie-artists. Go duke it out on the mountain people!

What do you listen to? Repetitious and honoured offerings-up by something so close to me and kissed by the African breeze, these days :)

Where do you find your inspiration? In the cracks

If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Lustre, on St. Laurent. Between Marianne and Mount-Royal. Old good friends I really love.

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Caroline a dit...

woah, tim from the stills! that's cool. :)