22 avril 2007

Rue Ste-Denis

We love: the bright colour combinations and the confident pose (have you been practicing?)
Etienne Beaulieu, 19
What do you like? design, colors, unuseful things and being superficial
What do you hate? stereotype hip hop style that comes with the jerk attitude.
Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)? shoes are from browns, jeans from simons and both the t-shirt and the sweater are from Off The Hook on st cath near peel.
What’s going to be hot next season? Me
Describe your style: on this one: fluo/flash thuggish but in general I'm more of a colorful preppy. Tell us a secret: Brooke Hogan makes some nice music.

2 commentaires:

Candid Cool a dit...

He's adorable

Anonyme a dit...

brooke hogan is a disgrace.. gosh etienne! xxx your a hot kid