24 avril 2007

Rue St-Denis

Marie-Laurence: Head Band: Home Made/ Shirt: My Dad's/ Belt: Vintage/ Tights: American Apparel/ Sunglasses: Dior/ Shoes: Urban Outfitters Erick: T-Shirt:American Apparel/ Belt: Gap/ Jeans: H&M/ Shoes: Cole Haan/ Sunglasses: Dolce &Gabbana (Ogilvy)/ Bag: M0851/
Marie-Laurence, 18, Coffee Maker/ Erick, 18, Worker
What are you reading? What's written in ghetto washrooms. /Lot of magazines.
What do you watch? Erick acting like a queen. /America's next top model (haha)
Where do you go out? trashy places. /It's a secret.
What’s your favourite expression? Braaaap!! /sketchyyyyy
Where do you find your inspiration? old women /Everywhere
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on? Marc Jacobs /Miuccia Prada
What can’t you live without? dirty looks. /my 'eau de toilette'
Tell us a secret: I'm Elizabeth Taylor's grand-daughter./I'm not a cool montreal underground kid!

2 commentaires:

David-Alexandre a dit...

I LOVE how Marie-Laurence is wearing that oversized shirt as a tunic/dress.
I also LOVE how Erick is wearing all black with the brown belt and his shoes are making me jealous.
What do you love?

Anonyme a dit...

I LOVE their secrets.