30 avril 2007

Rue du Couvent

We love: Anna's moon boots and retro cap.
shirt: renaissance/ vest: was my great grandfather's/ pants: were my mum's/ hat and belt: i bought somewhere when I was 12/ boots: Browns
Anna, 18, Philosophy student
What do you like? learning new things What do you hate? self-doubt What are you reading? The Good Soldier and In Defence of Atheism
How would you describe Mtl's style? Unexpected
What do you listen to? CKUT 90.3 and NPR radio Where do you go out? vinyl, cafe esperanza
What's your favourite expression? c chien
Describe your style: casual with a vintage aftertaste What's going to be hot next season? Futuristic plastic clothing Tell us a secret: I'm wearing my reading glasses cause it looked good with the outfit... don't tell my optometrist

2 commentaires:

Candid Cool a dit...

Nice bow blouse with the vest.

scott w. gray a dit...

hey there, just thought i'd let you know i referenced this blog on midnight poutine. you can see it here:


keep up fashionable work!