09 avril 2007

Metro Berri-Uqam

We love: Catherine's wonderful bag, her houndstooth scarf, and the bows on her zebra flats.
Name: Catherine
Age: 17
What do you do? F.A.C.E!
What do you like? Anything 60s mod, old people, and thrift shops
What do you hate? Le Garage
Where do you shop? Fripe-Prix Renaissance,Village Valeurs, The Salvation Army..And if i have money, (but i rarely do) Zara.
Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picure)?- My portugal bag is from Village Valeurs on Jean Talon- Skinny pants are from New York (can't remember where)- Zebra flats are from the Harlem Market, NYC - Leather jacket is from H&M- Scarf is from H&M- Grey turtleneck is from American Apparel- Bracelet from a shop on the Seine, Paris.
What are you reading? Bob Dylan's memoirs
How would you describe Mtl's style? half white trash, half really awesome
How long have you been in Montréal for?I was born here
What do you listen to?The Long Blondes, Vive La Fête, The Strokes, David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Francoise Hardy, France Gall.. Basically any 60s french/yéyé band/singer.
What do you watch?The Beatles cartoons dvd's myfriend got me in london (cheers for all region dvd players)
Where do you go out? Le 1234, Lola, Mod Club.
What's your favourite expression?Crackwhore!
Describe your style:Ugly-is-the-new-beautiful
Where do you find your inspiration?Vintage 60s magazines i got in a church bazaar & street style websites.
If you had 10 000$ to spend which designer would spend it on?Either Chloé, Anna Sui or Jovovich-Hawk.
What can't you live without?My clothing, my shoe collection (i have over 50 pairs... really) and glossy fashion magazines.
How do you organize your closet?Frankly, it's not organized, at all. My clothing is pretty much all over the place.
What's going to be hot next season?High waisted pants/jeans and brightobnoxious colours
Tell us a secret:I love Michèle Richard.. shhh!

5 commentaires:

liebemarlene a dit...

She's adorable! Love the bag. : )

Neda a dit...

omg cathoi has the best style ever
ur hotttttt babe!!!!!!!!!!

raresh a dit...

nice style n the gurl luks good

Anonyme a dit...

FACE girls are hot. And they have the best style.

Bénédicte B a dit...

même après avoir passé sous la pluie elle ne perd pas son chic! I love you all cat!