17 avril 2007

Rue Université - Leah's first pic for MTL STREET

We love: Her hand painted tights,amazing vintage coat and all the color.
Andrea Diodati, 19
What do you do? a studious student at McGill and owner of Love Child, a vintage boutique illegally run out of my dorm room
How would you describe Mtl's style? passionate electric currents of individuality
Where do the clothes you are wearing come from (in the picture)?this tee is from a grade school trip to space camp in lavel, skirt and cardigan is courtesy of value village, the coat i bought off this stylin girl who wasselling her wardrobe on the street in toronto to buy a plane ticket back to england, tights are simons that i raped with a magic marker and boots are a garage sale find that i spray painted
Where do you find your inspiration? lots of places but lately blinking lightsand pink plastic flamingos
Tell us a secret: i fell in love with life last tuesday.

This pic was taken by Leah! the newest member of MTL STREET. Enjoy!

7 commentaires:

Valerie a dit...

Well done leah!
<3 Val

Anonyme a dit...

I love the colouring on the tights, great idea!

punky a dit...

i love your website!!!

Izzy a dit...

thank you punky :)

Odette a dit...

How do I get to Love Child?

Nicholas.Paul.Endean a dit...

Such a happy picture.This is my favorite picture because of the colours.
I love mtl street blog which I found today. :-)

Leah a dit...

odette: to get more info on Love Child, you can email andrea.diodati [at] mail.mcgill.ca

just tell her you saw her on mtl street!