23 avril 2007

The creators of MTL STREET live on the CBC radio today!

David-Alexandre and Izzy with host Bernard St-Laurent
Hey everyone out there!, turn on your radio's today for the show Homerun,Izzy and David-Alexandre (the creators of MTL STREET),will be on the air live at 3:50 on 88.5 FM or online at Homerun.
You can now listen to the interview here!

5 commentaires:

diskohopskotch a dit...

good luck yo.

Blork a dit...

Heard it. Nice.

Leah a dit...

ahhh i just listened to you two on the air! you sounded so great, i'm really proud :)

it was especially adorable when you described eachother's outfits. (L)

David-Alexandre a dit...

Thanks everyone!

Leah! Sorry we didnt mention you, we really meant to, but everything was going so quickly!

Leah a dit...

it's okay :)
i don't need fame or fortune

i'm just happy things went so well